“The winds of change are blowing…..    All your times are done.”

Red or Dead met protesting outside a UKIP conference and made the first item on the BBC 6’oclock news that night.
We are a fluid line up of musicians coming together to make great music, and overthrow the fascist government while we’re at it.


“It’s not often you have the hairs on the back of your neck prickling listening to music in a pub.” – From the Margins
“Great name, great sound, really edgy.” Hugh Cornwell – The Stranglers
No One is Innocent ep ” A near perfect release” Soundscape Magazine 
Never Again in the Link to Wales top 40 songs of 2016  “Great words, Great Song”

”Urgent, politicised, utterly unarguable and more effective per song than a thousand Tweets in riling the blood to action;

Educate, agitate, organise, but don’t forget to sing. ” From The Margins

“Heartfelt passion” Link to Wales
“Punk and Protest is alive here!” North Wales Music 2016
“They remind us that this country is fucked if we don’t actively try and make a difference” Link to Wales